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8 - St George's Day

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Feather Boa red and white with tinsel

Beautiful Feather Boa in Red & White two tone colour with silver tinsel strands.

Sexy item for St Georges day too

6ft long and weight is 55g

Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00076

Inflatable St George Hand

Great to celebrate St George's day, or any international English sports game (maybe not darts!)

Or a red cross/ rehab/ Medic night


Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00099

St George Bowler Hat x 12

12 pieces St George, gents style bowler hat in pvc 

Price : 7.00
Code : rsg00105

St George Bunting flags
7m length with 25 St George pvc flags 20cm x 28cm with white plastic string.

Price : 4.00
Code : rsg00104

St George Classic Flag

Prepare to hold your colour! 5ft x 3ft Flag, wear as a cloak, wear as a skirt

Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00113

St George Come on England Baseball cap

Unisex Come on England baseball cap with adjutable velcro strap at rear

These are absolutely stunning and are adjustable, great for any England sport event, or just looking cool.

A silver grey Lion print centred at the front & COME ON ENGLAND embrodiered in white and blue thread

Fits head size range max 65cm to min 49cm

6 panel cap with red button on top

made from 100 % cotton

hand wash and do not tumble dry

Price : 4.00
Code : rsg00107

St George Come on England Flag

Prepare to hold your colour! 5ft x 3ft Flag, wear as a cloak, wear as a skirt

Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00112

St George Come on England Football Rattle

The Football Rattle...every boy's dream to have one

This has been deemed as a "novelty antique" as this is no longer produced, So if you have not got one yet make the investment now.

Extremely limited, in fact could be regarded as a collectors item, as the manufacturer that produced them, does not exist nor does all the moulds necessary to make this! 

rattle size 15cm x 6cm plus handle length 10cm

Made from plastic

Price : 10.00
Code : rsg00108

St George Come on England Glasses

A funky accessory for both male and female...It's all about England! 

Price : 1.00
Code : rsg00110

St George Come on England Supporters Whistle per 12

Blow ya Whistle! & make some noise for England!

High quality strong white ribbed lanyard with St George flag print

The Lanyard is approx 2cm wide and total length 80cm

Here you get the lanyard the metal quick release clip and a metal whistle

So you can attach your sporting event pass/ id too

Price : 24.00
Code : rsg00111

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