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Alien mask pack of 12

Alien Mask in silver and orange finish with see through green lens eyes and elastic tie.

Mask are slightly on the small side but would say fits comfortable on an age range of 8 years old to 24 years old, so great for students too.

Price : 10.00
Code : rsg00467

Animal Print masks pack of 24

Pack of 24 foamex animal print masks, for animal balls zoo projects etc....

8 animal prints 3 of each

Go WILD! in the country!


Price : 24.00
Code : rsg00182

Big Bad Wolf head mask
Here is an exclusive flexible plastic
 head mask for Full Moon Parties

The RSG Angry Evil WereWolf Mask

"pack" of 2 (one of each)
with elastic tie

approx 30cm x 30cm

Price : 10.00
Code : rsg00536

Black Half Face Mask

Stunning! Black Half face mask with black elastic tie band.

Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00142

Clown Masks - pack of 24

Ideal for Twisted Circus events

Packof 24 with 4 different finishes

made from PVC with elastic band to keep in place on head

Premium range

Price : 48.00
Code : rsg00627

Gold Full Face Mask

Stunning! Shiny gold full face mask with black elastic tie band.

Electro plated

Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00048

Gold Half Face Mask


Shiny gold colour, electro plated finish half face mask with black elastic tie band.

People just love em!

Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00049

Masquerade Sequin Chat Noir mask

Dangerously Beautiful, hand made black sequin masquerade mask.

Purr-fect-ly complement any black & white ball and glitter ball parties

elastic tie

Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00464

Masquerade sequin mask - Rainbow

Regarded as a Masterpiece - Beautiful, stunning fun and exciting are just a few words expressed about hthis item!

Keep this in your case all the time you never know when you just might need this!

Elastic tie

Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00326

Masquerade Sequin Mask Mardi Gras
Simply stunning for one of the world wide most celebrated festivals of the year!

Elastic tie

Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00369

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