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Novelty Items & Toys

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A Box of 24 Decorative Black Roses
24 artifical Black roses
50cm long
velvet feel to touch petals, plastic construction

use to decorate venue, ice buckets wrap around objects glasses perhaps

or keep them ready incase the Princess of Darkness pops in


Price : 18.00
Code : rsg00530

Animal Print masks pack of 24

Pack of 24 foamex animal print masks, for animal balls zoo projects etc....

8 animal prints 3 of each

Go WILD! in the country!


Price : 24.00
Code : rsg00182

Bag of Bones with flashing LED eyes

Bag of human bones including spine, ribs, hand, legs and skull all with a realistic finish.
The skull features large red flashing LED eyes and a demonic expression for a chilling effect. Supplied in a macabre black mesh bag tied with rope and can be used as a prop within the bag or as separate, loose items. Ideal for halloween themed events or venues.
Requires 2xAA batteries (GP500). Batteries included

Price : 18.00
Code : rsg00529

Black Bat Out of Hell
A realistic scary soft toy

Large Black Bat with red jewelled eyes
 main body black soft feather, wings thin black poly material with black wick piping

as per the picture wing span 16 inches and main body length 6 inches

complete with black hanging loop


Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00523

Black Widow Spider
A realistic scary soft toy

Large Black widow spider with red jewelled eyes and fangs

as per the picture width say 14 inches main body 5 inches

legs are bendable at the joint


Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00565

Caged Hanging Skull with light up eyes

Human skull with red, flashing LED eyes dangling by a chain in a faux aged wrought iron lantern-type cage.
A hugely effective prop/dressing for halloween or gothic themed events and venues.
Requires 3xLR44 batteries (GP706). Batteries included

Price : 14.99
Code : rsg00527

Cigar Jumbo
Trick/Fake Plastic Cigar
Super Size
22cm long & wide approx

white tip brown body with "big shot" seal and a silvery tip

complement your Mexican, ganster or hollywood package with this item

Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00610

Clown Sponge Red nose pack of 6
Now where did i put my clown rainbow wig?

Price : 6.00
Code : rsg00189

Colourful Beach Buckets

Colourful Beach Buckets
Great for holidays, parties, clubbing and more!
Size 13.5 cm tall
 x14.5 cm Diameter (Across Top Of Bucket)
 x 9 cm Diameter (Across Bottom- Base Of Bucket).

Price : 2.00
Code : rsg00590

Fake Blood pack of 6
create that erie zombie effect
with this realist fake blood

price is for 6 x 1oz tubes


Price : 6.00
Code : rsg00525

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