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Noise makers

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Air Horn - Sound of the Trumpet!
Bring the noise, Football Matches, sports games, raves, emergency notification/ attention noise.

Loud and Proud 300ml can complete with Trumpet

Non - flammable gas 2

Price : 5.00
Code : rsg00158

Blow Ya Whistle!
RSG talked to Teachers and pupils of Schools and business, event and charity organisers as well as educational companies and developed a range of colour coded plastic whistles with matching ties.

20 pieces per pack in clear sealed wrapping with a hook hole

We are able to bar code each pack if required - Please contact us for further details

Not suitable for children under 6yrs of age as contains small parts 




Price : 6.00
Code : rsg00133

St George Come on England Supporters Whistle per 12

Blow ya Whistle! & make some noise for England!

High quality strong white ribbed lanyard with St George flag print

The Lanyard is approx 2cm wide and total length 80cm

Here you get the lanyard the metal quick release clip and a metal whistle

So you can attach your sporting event pass/ id too

Price : 24.00
Code : rsg00111

Woofer Horn

When size matters! 14 inches of "Bring the noise"

Assorted neon colours orange, pink, green & yellow...let us know the colour you desire!

Great for UV parties etc


Price : 3.00
Code : rsg00117

Woofer Horn - Rasta

When size matters! 14 inches of "Bring the noise"

These are now a bit of rarity, great for Jamica/ Bob Marley nights and of course London plays host to the Nottinghill Carnival once a year....

Even if you do not want a horn get down there and soak up the atmosphere, vibrant colours and energetic vibes....DOnt miss the Parade


Price : 10.00
Code : rsg00425