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Gracies Sweets Shop

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36 x Giant Twirly Pops 5 inch wide

Finally available to the general public in large quantities. We have worked hard for this to happen and it is here for you now.

A 5 inch wide lollipop on a a 5 1/2 inch stick.  Sweet with vibrant colours. (just like Katy Perry)

Great for Lollipop themed parties and you might find these at a Willy Wonka event! go on treat your little munchkins.....!  

Pure imagination!

Price : 54.00
Code : rsg00362

Black Jack chews 400 per box
Retro sweets

Price : 15.00
Code : rsg00268

Blue Grape Jucee Gummee's
A tub of 600 blue grape gummies. Ideal for smurf parties (just because they are blue)

Price : 6.00
Code : rsg00265

Brit PoPs
A jar of 200 yummy strawberry & cream flavoured lollipops all individually wrapped

red, white and blue....of course, we love you!

(jar is plastic)

Price : 12.00
Code : rsg00361

candy floss
A total of 6 x 1 litre tubs of the proper fun fair stuff, pink, light and sweet.

Price : 11.00
Code : rsg00168

Chocolate Coins

Great for Pirate Parties & Also St Patrick's day

160pcs approx

Price : 11.00
Code : rsg00582

fruit jellies

A tangy selection of fruit jellies with a "bouncey" middle which will tingle your taste buds.

Made with Natural Colours and Flavours
3kg box

An assortment of Fruit Jellies.

A random assorted mix of fruity shapes,colours and flavours which may include Orange, Green, Black, Red, Yellow, Pear Colours and a very tasty soft juicy fruity jelly with a crystallised sugar coating - a real family traditional favourite jelly sweet loved by many.
These Fruit Jellies Will make a perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, party time etc..
Made with Natural Colours and Flavours

Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Latic Acid, Natural Colours (Anthocyanins, Chlorophylls, Curcumin, Capsanthin,) Flavourings.

Price : 16.00
Code : rsg00167

Fruit salad 400 per box
Retro sweets

mmm nom nom...

Price : 15.00
Code : rsg00269

Haribo Giant cola bottles 3kg
Retro sweets

In perfect harmony - 3kg bag of the best cola bottles

Price : 9.00
Code : rsg00271

Love hearts 3kg bag
Retro sweets

She loves me....she love me not!...Love hearts never to go out of fashion

Price : 15.00
Code : rsg00267

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